Top 5 Courses and Activities at Millfield this Year

Top 5 Courses and Activities at Millfield this Year

As the New Year unfolds, seize the chance to venture into new experiences or refine your skillset. At Millfield, our diverse array of courses and activities ensures there's something for everyone. Here, we present our top five courses and activities for you to explore this year:


Student playing e-Sports



Our new esports course is more that gaming, as you will develop skillsets that can translate off the screen. You will:

·       Learn about theories on esports competitions.

·       Develop presentation skills.

·       Learn the business side of esports.

·       Streaming techniques.

We also understand the impacts on mental and physical health, which is why there will be mindfulness sessions. Lastly, there will be free play and competitions involved, so... who knows? You may be the next Team Liquid, but hopefully with a better choice of name.




An unmissable opportunity awaits as you join high-performing athlete Susannah Townsend, MBE on Millfield’s Astros. Susannah has represented Great Britain and England an astounding 188 times during her twelve-year career. Her accolades include being a double Olympic medallist, Gold at the Rio Olympic Games in 2016 and Bronze in Tokyo in 2021.

Our Hockey Camps under Susannah's guidance prioritises the individual’s goals, while catering to players of all skill levels, regardless of if you're a seasoned player or just starting out. The primary aim is to unlock your full potential. Structured sessions encompass comprehensive strength and conditioning, track-focused drills, and a diverse range of engaging hockey activities.

Opting for the residential program offers more than just playing hockey; it's an opportunity to forge connections with fellow teammates through evening activities.




Next on our top five is a course that deserves the spotlight: Performing Arts. This course is available to all those both with and without stage experience with a passion to explore the arts in an intimate and joy-filled environment. Both Performing Arts: Year 4 – 10 and Reception – Year 3 hold the same core values of allow every individual to building confidence, expressing themselves in the arts and connecting with like-minded individuals.

Year 4 – Year 10 have the ability of building friendships and allowing them to perform within an engaging environment. There is a build up to a wonderful show, for example last year was ‘Wind and the Willows’. This year the themes will be ‘The Lorax’ and ‘The Greatest Showman’ … It's everything you ever want. 

Reception – Year 3 teaches Performing Arts from the ground up, with a mixture of performance, storytelling and creation with producing props, costumes, and crafts. Do you know the theme of this year’s course? I’ll give you a clue: ‘It’s the circle of life’.🦁




Discover a course where the fun never stops, with the emphasis on curiosity allowing your child to explore age-appropriate activities. From exhilarating parachute games to enthralling capture the flag, culinary adventures in cooking, lively campus dance sessions, and much more await.

Our activities serve as the cornerstone for building active learning, essential social skills, nurturing creativity, fostering a positive mindset, and acquiring new talents. Each week presents a dynamic timetable, ensuring consistently high levels of engagement throughout the course.

This course has 3 age-groups of 5-6, 7-8 and 9-11 years old so that children can be interacting and sharing experiences with others their own age. A type of childcare where there is never a dull moment. 




Finally, if swimming fuels your passion, this specialized course led by Olympic medallist Jazz Carlin is one to dive into. Holding double Olympic silver medals, Commonwealth gold, and four times European Champion and European and British Record Holder, Jazz Carlin has an exceptional career.

Focused on skill enhancement, this course guarantees a profound learning experience. Beyond our impressive pool facilities, participants engage in enriching programme including pre- and post-pool activities, insightful seminars covering topics such as nutrition and Q&A sessions.

Designed for club-level swimmers and beyond, this camp offers an exclusive opportunity for honing advanced skills. For beginners and enthusiasts eager to learn, we also offer alternative swim courses tailored to varying skill levels.


We look forward to seeing you this year!













Other News

Millfield Hockey Camp Welcomes New Course Lead: Susannah Townsend Welcomes Sally Walton.

Millfield Enterprises is pleased to announce an exciting transition for the renowned Millfield Hockey Camp. Susannah Townsend, former England and Great Britain Hockey international, Olympian, and esteemed course leader of our hockey camp, will be stepping down to take on a prestigious role as a member of the Team GB staff going to the Paris Olympics. Stepping into her shoes is another distinguished International GB Hockey Player and dear friend of Susannah, Sally Walton, ensuring the continued excellence and quality of our camp.