Quality Assurance Report

Quality Assurance Report

As a Quality English member school, Quality English visited our courses in July to produce an Assurance Report for the Millfield English Language Holiday Courses.

We were very pleased with the report we received which concludes with:

"We are delighted and privileged to be working with such a well-respected and popular school as Millfield. Mark is a huge asset to Millfield and, consequently, QE benefits from the respect he and the school have within the industry. It is pleasing to see that the school doesn’t stand still and focuses on improving each year. There have been notable additions to the academic team which has led to improvements on this side. This complements the social aspect of the school which is what creates the memories that the students clearly carry with them throughout their future lives."

We look forward to continuing this relationship for many years to come.

Other News

Susannah Townsend and coaching line-up

We are thrilled to welcome not just one, but three exceptional Olympians to coach alongside the legendary Jazz Carlin. Aimee Wilmott, Greg Cackett, and Taylor Lawrence are joining forces with Jazz to create an unparalleled opportunity for aspiring swimmers. While the current Summer Camp is fully booked, we urge all swimming enthusiasts to secure their spots early for the October Swim Camp

Le Mieux Photoshoot

We had the pleasure of hosting the company ‘Le Mieux’ for one of their latest toy campaigns. We have a wide variety of filming locations, from dramatic Victorian buildings to unique modern facilities and spaces, with them choosing  to film in the Meyer Theatre.