Millfield English Language Holiday Courses 2022 Round Up

Millfield English Language Holiday Courses 2022 Round Up

The Millfield English Language Holiday Courses 2022 launched in early July and fulfilled an extensive programme packed with an array of compelling lessons, activities, events, and many memorable experiences. We wanted to celebrate and share some highlights from the Summer and get you excited for what will be an amazing 2023, which you can officially book now!

The sun was shining throughout the 6 weeks at our beautiful campus and there were smiles all around. Students had the opportunity to meet and make life-long friends from around the world. The fundamental basis for socialising stemmed from interactions using the English language, meaning students significantly improved their fluency throughout the course. With the three different academic choices this year, there was a variety of different topics being taught. Students had the opportunity to practice English through fun and intriguing lessons. Covering concepts from debating current issues, to question & answer sessions, acting out poetry, and learning different curriculum subjects.

The Social Programme was packed full of fun whether that was in the weekly excursions, activity hours, or in evening events. Some main event highlights were the Silent Disco under the canopy by the Wilson Pavilion, the Colour Run set around our beautiful campus, the Enchanted Forest extravaganza, and the Water Olympics in our 50m Olympic-sized swimming pool. On Excursion Days, students would venture to either local cities and town tours such as Bournemouth, Cheddar, Bristol and Bath or parks and attractions like Longleat Safari Park, Sherbourne Castle, Thorpe Park and more which helped broaden their cultural understanding.

The Activity Programme provided students with the opportunity to express themselves through different sporting or creative disciplines on four afternoons a week. Offering a total of 21 different afternoon options which meant students could try unexplored new activities or continue improving their individual interests. To name just a few highlights, we saw the fashion students making unique pieces of clothing using different materials and techniques, horse riders jumping over fences in the indoor equestrian arena, and outdoor adventurers exploring caves and climbing rock faces in Cheddar Gorge.

We pride ourselves on ensuring everyone is catered for nutritionally, with every meal, students had a multitude of different food options to select from ensuring a healthy and balanced diet. Some food highlights were the quintessentially British snacks in the Enchanted Forest event which included some delicious chocolate-covered apples. As well as classic British dishes like fish and chips on Fridays, a range of international dishes like the Asado Pit which took place on the International Evening.

Our 2022 slogan, ‘Unstoppable’, was lived up to by students, whether that was in the classroom, on the sports field, on the stage, or in the boarding houses. As part of creating a safe and comfortable environment for the students to stay in, so they felt like they had a home to go back to. With such a magical summer, where pupils really got to experience a piece of Millfield, it was hard to say goodbye. This was apparent at the airports for many as we caught a glimpse of the life-long friendships that were made.

Here are a few quotes that sum up the summer well from the student’s perspective:

- 'I think I had the best English classes ever. My teachers were always so positive and caring. I improved my speaking and writing skills. We did a lot of group work and had the chance to get to know each other better.’ - Aylin 

- ‘The activities were really cool. I have learned many things about sports and made many new friends. The teachers helped me to reach my full potential and told me what things I can improve.’ - Christoph

- 'Even though we worked, it didn’t feel like it at all. But I do realise I’ve become more aware of my surroundings and of the consequences my actions could have on people living on the other side of the planet. And I see it even in my smallest actions. I have learned not only that fear isn’t a flaw, but also that I can make it my strength and use it to do the things I don’t want.’ - Charlotte 

 ‘The time in the boarding house at Millfield was great. I always felt very comfortable and after only a few days, coming back there after a long day almost felt like coming home! The staff has always been really sweet and caring and they always took their time for answering all our questions.’ - Emilie

‘I have learned and experienced so much here. When I first came here, I was a little nervous. But soon I got used to the new environment and made many friends.’ - Leo

We are excited to welcome new and returning students to our Millfield English Language Holiday Courses in 2023! 

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