Girls in Sport & Why it Matters

Girls in Sport & Why it Matters

Research indicates that more than 1 million girls who thought themselves to be sporty at a primary school age stopped participating as teenagers. The pressing question is why?

Numerous barriers persist for girls in sports. These include limited opportunities, body image concerns, and societal norms reinforcing the belief that sports are primarily for boys. Consequently, girls aren't choosing to leave sports; rather, they feel pushed out. This narrative can change. 

Empowerment begins by fostering supportive friendships, establishing safe environments, promoting sports as a viable career path, challenging stereotypes, and providing early education and exposure.

It is not unknown that the benefits of sports are endless, especially in developing fundamental skills early in life. Teamwork, physical and mental well-being, confidence, social skills, and core values are just a few among numerous benefits. Participation of physical activity in adulthood is more likely if individuals experience these advantages and establish routines in their younger years.

Role models play a pivotal role in inspiring girls to embrace sports. At Millfield Enterprises, we're honoured to have two female Olympians leading our specialist courses:



Susannah Townsend, a former International Hockey Player, represented Great Britain and England 188 times over a remarkable twelve-year career. She's a double Olympic medallist, securing Gold in Rio 2016 and Bronze in Tokyo 2021.



Jazz Carlin, with a renowned swimming career, accolades such as a Double Olympic Silver Medallist, Commonwealth Gold Medallist, and a four-time European Champion, holding European and British records.


At Millfield, a renowned sports institution, we're committed to being a catalyst for change. The school promotes equal opportunities, hosts an inspiring ‘girls in sports’ group, views sports as a viable career, and their Millfield alumni validate this perspective. At Millfield enterprises our courses and activities are designed to be inclusive, either through mixed-gender offerings or dedicated courses tailored for girls. We've invested time in cultivating safe and supportive environments, ensuring everyone feels empowered to participate.


Other News

Susannah Townsend and coaching line-up

We are thrilled to welcome not just one, but three exceptional Olympians to coach alongside the legendary Jazz Carlin. Aimee Wilmott, Greg Cackett, and Taylor Lawrence are joining forces with Jazz to create an unparalleled opportunity for aspiring swimmers. While the current Summer Camp is fully booked, we urge all swimming enthusiasts to secure their spots early for the October Swim Camp