Easter Revision Course - Terms & Conditions

Terms & Conditions

Bookings and Course Structure

A non-refundable deposit of £100 is to be paid on booking to secure a place on the course.

A Course Guide which contains important information regarding the course will be sent to all parents/guardians on receipt of a completed application and deposit.

Millfield reserves the right to cancel the course up to 7 days before the start date if numbers enrolled have not reached the minimum requirement. A complete refund of the fee will be given or an alternative course will be offered. Subjects may be withdrawn at any time due to teacher availability through unforeseen circumstances.

Refunds will only be given in the event of the course being cancelled by Millfield. The deposit is non-refundable in all other cases once paid. Bookings not paid in full at 28 days prior to the course start date will be cancelled and all fees paid retained. All fees paid will be forfeited by anyone cancelling a course within 28 days of the course start date.

The deadline for the receipt of applications is Monday 2nd March 2020. Students who submit their forms after this date will go on a waiting list and will be subject to timetabling restrictions. There is no guarantee that a course can be offered after this date.

Students will receive their timetable at registration on the first day of the course. Students who have been enrolled onto a reduced programme of study (1 or 2 subjects only) will be given their timetable approximately one week before the course start date.

Millfield will make every effort to ensure that the needs of individual students are met, however, students must be aware that a revision course cannot be expected to cover all aspects of all specifications. Some subjects will not be designed to cover specific exam boards and will aim to cover core material only.


During the Easter Revision Course we expect that students will conduct themselves appropriately at all times. Participants are expected to maintain a smart/casual appearance. It is strictly forbidden for students to bring drugs or alcoholic beverages onto the course. Drinking, smoking and vaping are strictly forbidden at all times during the course; Millfield operates a no smoking policy on all of its campuses. Millfield reserves the right to withdraw any student from the course for behaviour we deem to be detrimental to the smooth-running of the course or which might interfere with the studies of any other students on the course or the safety of any other students, staff and guests on campus. Failure to abide by these conditions may lead to immediate expulsion from the course at the parents’ expense and no refund of fees paid will be given. Millfield students please note that the school will be informed of any behavioural issues or any rules broken by any students on the course. Any such misbehaviour will go on the students’ record and further disciplinary action may be taken.

Residential students will reside in school boarding houses and may be required to share a bedroom and bathroom. Bed linen is provided but participants should bring their own towels and toiletries.

Regulations made for the safety and comfort of course members must be observed.

Millfield cannot accept responsibility for any personal loss or damage to property or any injury sustained by participants.

Course participants are strongly advised to take out accident/curtailment insurance.

First aid cover is available throughout the course and minor analgesics (paracetamol), throat lozenges and cough linctus may be dispensed. By signing these terms and conditions you are agreeing to this treatment if required unless written objection is received in advance. Any further treatment required will be administered by a local surgery or hospital.

First names, photographs or images (including video recordings) may be taken and used online and/or in print for use in promotional material (such as adverts and brochures), on our websites or on social media. On occasion, these may be used for press and media purposes, or for educational purposes as part of the curriculum, or extra-curricular activities. We may seek specific consent from Parents or Legal Guardians before using a photograph or video recording where we consider that the use is more privacy intrusive. Where the student is of sufficient maturity (usually when aged 12 years or older) we may seek the student’s specific prior consent (which may be obtained verbally) in addition to or instead of the Parents’ or Legal Guardian’s consent.

The use of cars is not permitted during the course. Participants who drive to the course are expected to park in the designated car park(s). If driving other participants to the course, drivers must seek permission from the parents of each passenger. Non-residential students are not permitted to return to their car until the end of each day. Residential students may be expected to surrender their keys to their houseparent which will be returned at the end of their course.

Students are not permitted to leave the Millfield campus during the course. If essential, permission must be obtained from the Curriculum Co-ordinator.

It is strictly forbidden for students to invite guests onto the Millfield campus.


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