Accommodation, Health & Welfare


Both campuses have modern accommodation with separate houses for boys and girls, the majority of which are located on campus. Staff are accommodated in the same houses, with each house allocated a Houseparent and Assistant who are responsible for the running of the house and the health and welfare of the students living there.

Health & Welfare

Students are supervised 24 hours a day and student health or welfare problems are spotted quickly and dealt with promptly by staff who have a qualification in Safeguarding. It is important that students communicate any problems to a member of staff as soon as possible in order to ensure the best care.

  • Medical Centre at all campuses
  • Millfield provides a basic insurance policy for all students

Please note, we advise you to check exactly what our insurance policy covers.  If you require further cover, please obtain alternative insurance. 

Students who report that they are feeling unwell are initially seen by their Houseparent or Assistant Houseparent who will assess their condition. If deemed necessary by their symptoms, they will then be taken to the Medical Centre where they will be seen by the nurse. The nurse will assess the student and either provide medication or advice, or advise visiting the local doctor’s surgery. The doctor’s surgery is located locally and an appointment can usually be made for the same or next day for urgent cases or within three days for minor cases. The doctor can provide a prescription for any medication that is required. In an emergency the student is taken to the local hospital. We will make every reasonable effort to notify the parent/agent prior to the hospital visit.

In all cases of illness, the Houseparent and other members of staff will check the student regularly and ensure that he/she is comfortable. Students are supervised 24 hours a day and we ensure that as many of our staff as possible are qualified in First Aid.



All campuses provide a variety of great food choices for students to try with a combination of international dishes and great British classics.

Each meal time there is a choice of different healthy food options.  Special dietary requirements are also catered for, including religious persuasions and lifestyle preferences.

Students can eat as much as they like and are encouraged to try different foods to promote a healthy and balanced diet.

Most meals are served in the dining hall on each campus and staff and students eat together. At breakfast we offer a choice of cooked food, cereals, toast and fruit. At lunch and supper we offer both hot food and salad. Vegetarian options are available at all meals. Packed lunches are provided on excursions and occasionally supper will be a special barbecue outside.

Refreshments are provided in the afternoon break.

Fruit, snacks and drinks are also provided in the boarding houses for the evenings.

Please specify any special dietary requirements on the Medical Information section of the application form prior to the course.



All students are covered by a basic insurance policy, the cost of which is included in the course fees.

Prior to the student’s arrival, please read the Policy Wording document and the Key Facts of the policy, which have been translated into a selection of other languages.

If this policy does not meet the student’s needs, we would strongly advise you to take out a separate policy to ensure that they are covered for all eventualities.

Should you wish to make an insurance claim through the policy provided by Millfield, please contact the insurance company directly. Contact details are shown on the Policy Wording document.

How to Report a Problem

If a student has a problem, it is important that they bring it to the attention of staff as soon as it arises. Any member of staff can be approached and will be willing to give assistance. For specific help, they can speak to the Pastoral Manager for accommodation, health and nutrition issues; the Academic Manager for any learning or teaching issues; and the Activities Manager for sport and activity issues.

If the problem is not resolved satisfactorily they should contact the Centre Manager who has overall responsibility for the course. He/she can be approached directly or through other staff at any time. Official complaints should be directed to the Director of Holiday Courses and Events, Holly Angelinetta, on:

T +44 (0) 1458 444 457

The director is available at all times during the course on her mobile phone (in case of emergency only).