Mornings - Academic Programme

English Tuition

Millfield English Language Holiday Courses are accredited by the British Council and teachers are appropriately trained to teach English as a Foreign Language.

Our main focus is delivering an engaging, creative and educational English learning experience; all of the students attending our courses will participate in at least 15 hours of English tuition per week.

All students take part in 3 hours of English tuition in the mornings on Mondays, Tuesdays, Thursdays, Fridays and Saturdays. For all morning options, all teaching materials are provided and are included in the cost of the course. On successful completion of the course, all students will receive an academic report, general report and course certificate. For students aged 14-17 with a higher level of English (CEFR B2 and above) we offer a Global Young Leaders programme as an alternative to traditional English lessons. The programme encourages students to learn about themselves and their place in the world, exploring some of the most important issues the world currently faces.

At Glastonbury students have General English classes with trained teachers. On arrival students take a placement test (spoken and written) to assess their level of English, based on CEFR levels. Students are then placed in multinational classes with those of a similar age and English level. There are 3 hours of lessons in the mornings - 2 hours with 1 teacher and 1 hour with another, so classes get to experience different teaching styles and accents during their course.

In order to expose the students to two different styles of teaching and two different accents, each class is allocated two teachers.

At Street there are three options to choose from; General English, Cambridge Assessment English (includes online preparation course and exam) or Global Young Leaders. Those choosing Cambridge Assessment English and attending beyond the dates of that option can select either General English or Global Young Leaders for the remainder of their stay. 

Find out more about the morning options at Street by clicking here.

Students at Street can further improve their English by choosing the Extra English afternoon option, find out more here.



Course & Vocabulary Organiser

Each student choosing General English at both of our campuses or Cambridge Assessment English at Street will receive a Course and Vocabulary Organiser, written by Mark Greenow, which is an essential part of the academic programme and used in every lesson.

It is a “thinking notebook” with sections for each part of the English learning experience. It also includes a diary, which students are encouraged to complete, vocabulary and grammar exercises, and a mini-dictionary making each student’s learning experience unique.

Students on Global Young Leaders at Street will receive a tailor-made Global Young Leader Organiser. Students will learn more about themselves, their strengths and weaknesses, their place in the world and develop their leadership qualities through a weekly topic.




Achievement Card

Each student is given an Achievement Card at the start of the course. The aim is to try to complete as much of the card as possible by performing well during lessons, impressing the campus managers and being an all-round good student.

There is also a weekly competition for students to work together in their boarding house groups to win the House Cup! At Glastonbury students work hard throughout the week to receive Star Cards and at Street students compete during evening activities, for example, the Millfield Olympics, House Song Competition and House Dance Competition.



English Mentors

Young mentors guide, support, and help international students to develop friendships and model spoken English. They are residential and take part in all English lessons, activities, excursions, and social events.

The scholarship programme was first introduced in 2012 to maximise the use of English among international students during the courses.