About Us

Millfield Enterprises is a business that represents the prestigious name of Millfield and is responsible for maximising the use of the school’s extensive facilities during the holiday periods. 

Amongst other courses and events, it runs the Millfield English Language Holiday Course (MELHC) in the summer holidays, which provides international students aged 12-17 with an opportunity to develop their English language skills in an engaging and creative environment.  

Millfield Enterprises has 18 permanent staff and employs around 300 temporary staff during the summer. 

When we are not using the campuses for our English language holiday courses, the schools themselves retain their original names and are used year-round as independent co-educational schools. If you are interested in reading a little more about the history of the schools, please see the 'A Brief History' section below. 

Our Ethos 

The best institutions have a sense of purpose and at MELHC this is ingrained. We have clear ideas about what we want to achieve in a modern learning environment. This is a people industry, and we realise that when parents send their children to us, they don’t just want a language course, what they really want is the best possible future for them. 

We engineer spaces where natural learning can take place in a holistic setting, equipping students with life (and life-long) language ability, skills, and social and cultural awareness. 

We do this by employing dedicated and inspirational staff in a creative and innovative environment. 

We recognise also that peers are perhaps equally as important as teachers. For this reason, we invite Millfield school students of the same age to come and share this sometimes life changing experience as mentors. These young mentors guide, support, and help international students to develop friendships and model spoken English. They are residential and take part in all English lessons, activities, excursions, and social events. 

Nothing is more important to us than sparking the curious minds of the leaders of the future.

Our Mission Statement 

Millfield Enterprises is a business that represents the prestigious name of Millfield School in the provision of holiday courses and events. 

All of the staff in our employment, all of the students under our care and all parents, agents and visitors are treated with equal concern and without prejudice of their religious persuasion, racial origin, cultural background, gender, disability or special needs. 

Positive attitudes are encouraged by promoting respect for others at all times. 

We believe in people and our aim is to ensure that time spent with us is productive, memorable, stimulating and enjoyable. We want everyone to get involved, make friends and fully develop their potential. 

A Brief History

Millfield, in the village of Street, Somerset, was founded by Jack Meyer in 1935, following his return from India with six princes. Millfield House was used as the original Millfield School and is now one of the school’s boarding houses, standing as a landmark in memory of the visionary Jack Meyer. 

Today Millfield is one of the leading UK independent schools for boys and girls, aged 2-18 years, and spans from Pre-Prep and Prep, to Senior and Sixth Form. Although it is best known for its sport, Millfield is prestigious for academic learning and the multiple fields in the creative arts. Successful old Millfieldians include former British Lions and Wales rugby captain Gareth Edwards, Olympic rower Helen Glover, Author Sophie Dahl, Olympic swimming Gold medallist James Guy, Singer/Songwriter Ella Eyre, and prize-winning Violinist, Amy Yuan. 

During the holiday periods alongside the Millfield English Language Holiday Course, which started in 2001, Millfield Enterprises also offers a range of Activity & Sports Courses and host events and camps at both a national and international level.

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Accreditations, Memberships & Awards

We are members of a number of professional bodies relevant to our industry, ensuring we keep up to date with market trends and current legislation.

It’s always an honour to receive recognition for hard work and we're very proud and thankful for the awards we have won over the years from customer votes and industry experts.

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