Power Speed Performance Camp

Experience our new ultimate camp Power Speed Performance with Greg Cackett OLY and Taylor Lawrence OLY. This camp is designed to power-up students across various athletic disciplines! Using inspiration from world-class sportsmen and women, our coaches have designed a comprehensive week that will teach a deeper understanding of speed, strength and power, guiding students to unlock their full athletic potential. It’s not to be missed.

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Greg Cackett

Greg Cackett OLY is a 10.24s 100m sprinter who after a number of injuries, made the successful switch to Bobsleigh in 2016. He has since represented Great Britain over 50 times at World Cup level, has two Olympic Games under his belt and is joint with Taylor as GB’s most decorated World Cup brakeman.

Fun Facts: Greg once raced Usain Bolt and has the Wattbike Peak Power World Record at 2767 watts! That’s enough to power all the electronics in your house!

Taylor Lawrence

Taylor Lawrence OLY is a former rugby and football player and Top 6 finisher at the 2022 Beijing Winter Olympics. Having been approached by the GB1 team in 2020, Taylor went from being a novice in a wild sport to one of the world’s best brakemen in less than 3 years. He was the influential factor behind Britain’s first-ever 2-man World Cup Top-3 finish last season and is joint with Greg as GB’s most decorated World Cup brakeman.

Fun Fact: Taylor is a serving Royal Marine Commando!


Each day, our package-focused sessions are named after world-renowned athletes, ensuring a unique and tailored approach. The camp is dedicated to delivering easily digestible training, performance, and biomechanical principles, offering a top-tier understanding of how to optimise power, speed and performance.

Additionally, there may be talks and workshops from special guests on a variety of topics, for example, nutrition, Q&As, and Olympic competition stories!

Most meals are served in the dining hall with a range of options to promote a healthy and balanced diet. Our fantastic in-house catering team are experienced in catering for different dietary requirements and lifestyle preferences. 

Refreshments will be provided throughout the day, with fruit, snacks and drinks also provided in our modern on-site accommodation in the evenings for campers choosing the residential option.


To provide the students with clear daily goals, the camp will have session focuses inspired by world-class athletes, for example:

Athletics: The day will break down the intricate movements and techniques of the unparalleled Jessica Ennis.

Lower Body Power: Channelling legendary Olympic cyclist Chris Hoy, they will hone in techniques used to effectively power up your legs!

Speed: There will be activities based on speed and agility inspired by the legendary Usain Bolt.

Pure Power: Drawing from their own exceptional experience, the Great British Bobsleigh team will showcase the importance of all-round power, teamwork and collaborative skills.

By having the camp structured in this manner, students will gain an understanding of what they are developing, why they are doing the specific activity, and its direct application to their individual sport, be it swimming, athletics, football, or any other discipline.


Example day is subject to change. 

Please note, Monday (start day) and Friday (end day) are half days and have different day structures.

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Girls on the starting line for the annual house athletics competition

Ages: 10-17 years old
Dates: Monday 5th August -  Friday 9th August 2024
Residential Option: £515
Non-Residential Option: £390
Campus: Millfield Senior School
(Street Campus, BA16 0YD)