Millfield Multi-Activity Course

Ages 7-8 - Week 3, Summer 2024

Monday 12th August -  Friday 16th August 2024

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Disclosing this information assists us with staffing, grouping and ensuring the welfare of your child; it does not automatically exclude your child from a course. If we require further information we may contact you in confidence for further details.

In the event of an emergency staff will make every reasonable effort to contact a parent or legal guardian before permitting treatment to proceed as advised by the medical authorities present.

Please inform us immediately if any of this information changes after you have submitted your application form.

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If yes, we will use the primary contact number listed as the emergency contact number.​

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All bookings are subject to the Sports & Activity Courses Terms and Conditions which can be viewed here

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After you have made your payment through your Childcare Voucher provider, please email the proof of payment to to secure your place. If we do not receive your proof of payment within 1 working day of your booking we may need to cancel your booking. We will contact you by email if this is the case. We can accept Childcare Vouchers from the following providers: PROVIDER ACCOUNT NO CARE-4: Account No. 12114440 COMPUTERSHARE: Account No. 20166227 CO-OP: Account No. 85115505 EDENRED/ACCOR: Account No. P21098683 FIDELITI: Account No. MIL081C RG CHILDCARE: Account No. 12230175217 SODEXO/ALLSAVE: Account No. 811656 KIDDIVOUCHERS: Account No. 123911 FAIRCARE: Account No. SMIL0619 ENJOYBENEFITS: Account No. B020958 Please reference the payment with the prefix MSE followed by your child’s surname. Your booking will be confirmed once we have received payment from your Childcare Voucher provider.
<p>You will need to contact a&nbsp;member of the Millfield Enterprises team via <a href="" target="_blank"></a>&nbsp;who will then provide&nbsp;instructions on how to make payment for the course.</p>