Girls Football Skills Course

Girls Football Skills Course at Millfield School: Develop Your Brilliance on the Pitch!

Designed to empower young female athletes aged 12-17 to excel on the football pitch. Led by Daniel Rodriguez, the lead coach of girls' football at Millfield, this course offers an unparalleled opportunity for players to hone their technical abilities and strategic understanding of the game.

Course Overview

Our Girls Football Skills Course is tailored to players seeking to unlock their full potential and elevate their game to new heights. Over two action-packed weeks, participants will engage in intensive training sessions focused on individual techniques for attacking and defending, spatial awareness, and game understanding. With a small group size, each player receives personalised attention, ensuring maximum growth and development.

Lead Coach

Daniel Rodriguez, a seasoned expert in girls' football coaching, leads the course with passion and precision. With years of experience nurturing talent at Millfield School, Daniel provides expert guidance on effective training methods and empowers players to take control of their own development.




Residential Options



Girls Football Skills Course

Thursday 8th- Friday 9th August 2024

Thursday 15th-Friday 16th August 2024


12 - 17 

years old

Millfield Senior School
(Street Campus)

£48 per person