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Millfield Prep Campus, 6-11 years

Millfield Prep School is located on the outskirts of Glastonbury at the foot of the National Trust monument, Glastonbury Tor, ideally suited to the needs of younger children offering superb accommodation, round the clock supervision with a staff-student ration of 1:5 and excellent facilities.

The School became the 'Junior School' for Millfield in 1945 when Jack Meyer, realising the need to accommodate increasing numbers of younger pupils arriving at his school in Street, bought the house and grounds from his friends the Thomas-Ferrands.

It was originally part of an iron-age settlement around Glastonbury Tor, then in post-Roman times the property of a local British chieftain who later gave way to Saxon invaders. In the late 7th century the land was granted to the Abbey by a Saxon chieftain, thereby becoming one of the so-called Glaston XII hides.

The full address for Millfield Preparatory School is Edgarley Hall, Glastonbury, Somerset, BA6 8LD. Please click here to view the exact location on a map.

Please note that Millfield Prep School is not the same campus at Millfield, it is about 3.5 miles away.

All enquiries and correspondence are still to be sent to the Course Administrators at Millfield School, Millfield Enterprises, Street, Somerset, BA16 0YD.

Millfield Preparatory School has 5 comfortable and well-facilitated boarding houses all either on or very close to the main campus. Each has its own character, being single sex with age-appropriate bedrooms and range in size from 25-38 beds. Please click here to view the boarding houses.

We will be offering Academy Sports and Recreation at Millfield Prep School. This remains our most popular course and provides students with the perfect balance of work and play that makes up a Summer School. Students choose their preferred afternoon activities from a comprehensive variety of sporting and non-sporting alternatives.

Millfield Prep School Grounds - click for enlargementMillfield Prep School common room - click for enlargementMillfield Prep School activities - click for enlargement
Millfield Prep School outdoor chess - click for enlargementMillfield Prep School swimming pool - click for enlargementMillfield Prep School climbing wall - click for enlargement